Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Microsoft Build Tour June 2017

During June,  Dr. Neil Roodyn visited Shanghai, Beijing, Munich, Helsinki, and then thankfully came back to Sydney, all for the great Microsoft Build Tour of 2017.
Neil got the first hand gossip from the Microsoft experts on the latest technical news and updates. The event was designed for developers building Line of Business or consumer applications, using Cloud or traditional desktop tech. The days started with a keynote address. Then a full day of practical sessions covering recently released Cloud and Windows technologies followed. These were all topical to building applications using the latest technology.
Many cities also hosted a workshop on the second day, where developers attending could get hands on with the latest technology presented on the previous day. Neil gave over 300 hands-on demos of Microsoft HoloLens in the cities visited. 
Did you get a HoloLens demo? What did you think?
(If not get in touch and we can try to organize one for you)
Full days but so rewarding!
Here are some photos from the first day of the Sydney Event, June 29th

Missed the Microsoft Build Tour this year? Click here to watch all the highlights from the Sydney event

Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Bots Are Coming

How will you interact with the technology in your life in the coming year?

Currently we are forced to interact with computers in unnatural ways. Humans are forced to learn how to use their technology. What if the technology could learn to interact with us on our terms?

This is a future we are building here at nsquared. One of the many ways this future will come true is through the use of conversational agents, also called chat bots, or just bots.

The team at nsquared has been working closely with Microsoft on their Bot Framework,Language Understanding Intelligence System (LUIS), and other machine learning technologies. These technologies enable us to build rich conversational software applications that talk to our customers on the channels they are already using to communicate with each other; Skype, Slack, Facebook, SMS, and others.

At nsquared we have been building Bot applications, as well as training materials to teach developers how to build better conversational bots.
Contact us at enquiries@nsquaredsolutions.com to find out how we can help you. 

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Git Event

Tripti Wani who is a team member here at nsquared attended a learn to git event in the Microsoft Store in the Sydney CBD on the 27th April.
She joined the Women Who Code Sydney for food and drinks (kindly provided by the Microsoft Azure  dev. team) followed by a hands-on workshop on the essentials of Git.
She started off for a dinner at the ChatThai in Westfield, where attendees caught up and the first timers were introduced and soon jumped into the conversations. Needless to say everyone hit it off.
The event then moved to the Pitt St Microsoft Store and for the next 2 and ½ hours, attendees experienced Git commands and how to use them in the terminal, and the use of applications like SourceTree and Git Extensions.
Attendees learnt how to:
• work with Git
• clone a repository 
• create a branch and with those
• commit changes  
• push changes
• merge origin masters
• merge back into master 

• resolve merge conflicts 
• push your changes to origin 

.. and just understand what all the above means…
All that attendees needed was a laptop, background knowledge of Git and that it's used for version control. But no programming experience was required.
Tripti thoroughly recommends anyone to come and attend the next event. It only takes a few hours of your time which goes by so fast, but you still seem to be so much in a relaxed social atmosphere.
For more information from the event click here

Here are some of Tripti's photos from the event:


Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Microsoft Build 2017 Conference In Seattle, Washington State

Only a few more sleeps till the exciting (well we find it exciting) Microsoft Build 2017 conference in Seattle, Washington State, to kick off on May 10th to 12th.

Dr Neil Roodyn will be attending deep technical sessions, learning new technologies and getting advance notice of Microsoft’s new plans. 

He will be meeting and learning, from more than 5,000 developers in the industry, from all over the World and yes, the place will be a buzz with it’s own tech speak.

The Build up is underway. Announcements are thick and fast. You can feel the excitement. We’ve had updates to Cognitive Services that help developers build apps that understand people and the world around us.  The current SDK for the Windows Creators Update feature was shipped. Also announced Azure Managed Disks and VM scale sets, for ease of use and scale benefits to PaaS to IaaS developers.

Microsoft Build 2017, May 10-12 in Seattle, in person or Live Streamed will teach you as developers, how to put these latest and coming innovations to create:

·       AI-powered apps we have yet to imagine
·       Apps that make your customers more productive
·       Cutting edge, intelligent cloud apps
·       Mixed-reality experiences
·       Mobile experiences for nearly any device
·       Simplified end-to-end development ops experiences

There will be keynotes, deep technical sessions, hackathons and opportunities to collaborate and code with your fellow technologists and engineers. 

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a developer.
 Click here to watch the conference via live stream

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Microsoft Surface Dial

          Microsoft  Surface Dial by Microsoft

This week Dr Neil Roodyn is in Beijing and Tokyo for the Microsoft Partner hack for Surface Dial.

The Surface Dial, is not to be confused with Pocket Dial, like with your phone. 

Surface Dial, which looks like a round grey block of Camembert, is a standalone device that works with Surface Studio, Surface Book and Surface 4. As it’s using Bluetooth, it should work with any device supporting it.

Surface Dial is simply charged by two AAA batteries, which under normal workday use, should last you for a year. Surface Dial really zings with the Surface Studio, as you can simply position it on the screen to access its functionality. On other devices, like Surface Book and Surface 4, it needs to be placed next to the device for off-screen functionality.The main smarts behind Surface Dial is to give users another device for their "other hand" to trigger added functionality, without using your mouse or touch screen access.

Some of its features include:

1.Press and hold for menu
2. Rotate freely/continuously
3. Click activates a switch
4. Dynamic tactile feedback in custom increments
5. Zoom in or out, change colours
6. On-screen detection (only for Surface Studio).

There is a growing list of apps that support the Surface Dial like Windows Maps, Spotify, OneNote, or Groove Music, as well as graphics programs. Not all apps listed are Store applications either. So check the list online. However support differs from app to app, so do your homework before you start.

For Now
It appears that the Surface Dial has been developed specifically for designers and photographers, so it won’t help you with writing content. The Dial loses some functionality when off-screen, which I’m sure they will work on. It will also take a bit of time getting used to, especially when placed on the screen and not next to it.

But isn’t that the same with all new innovations?

You can check out all the videos of Dr Neil explaining how to use the Surface Dial on Microsoft Channel 9 here

Here are some of Dr Neil's photos from this weeks Microsoft events